AQUASENSE PPM4 and mid-term check @ Linköping University, Sweden

AQUASENSE PPM4 and mid-term check @ Linköping University, Sweden

February 17, 2020
Linköping University in Norrkoping, Sweden

The AQUASENSE PPM4 and mid-term check was our first get together as a complete consortium.

The AQUASENSE 15 had the opportunity to introduce themselves and present the progress of their projects to our AQUASENSE project officer and the AQUASENSE consortium.

Ms. Yuqing Yang was also selected, by the AQUASENSE 15, as our second ESR representative to attend future PPM meetings of the Network Steering Committee (NSC), congratulations Yuqing!

Our ESRs also attended a series of workshops focused on sensing technologies for water quality monitoring, including:

  1. “Water – a ubiquitous and vital resource under pressure.”
  2. “Monitoring drinking water and natural water quality with on-line sensors.- Electronic noses and tongues.”
  3. “Bacterial electrochemistry is the new black.”
  4. “Metal-oxide based electrochemical pH sensors.”
  5. “Scientific visualization.”

A big welcome to our new ESRs and a huge thank you to all our members for making our meeting the success it was.
What an amazing team we have!

Saoirse  Tauran Yuging
Nasrin  Kiran Bappa
Fabi  Hassan Amlan
Sohail                       Nenad                Maryna
Llewellyn                       Joao                Aslihan