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Martti Tamm

Martti Tamm

Martti Tamm


Martti Tamm is a Chief Technology Officer of a CFFT, among other duties, he works on the field of online impedance spectroscopy, front face fluorescence spectroscopy (SFS) and glass free pH sensors to monitor food quality.


RP13: Influence of pH and pathogens on aqua-food quality (ESR 13- CFFT):
The conventional methods for aqua-food quality monitoring use sensors with glass-based electrodes. The hazardousas glass fragments may be leftover in the food during testing. To overcome such issues, this project will use metal oxide thick /thin film sensors fabricated and test them for cross-sensitivity. In addition, the project will establish linkage between water quality and the aqua-food quality.


Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CFFT)