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RP14: Hydro-chemical properties of sensors under water sources (ESR14-UoG/2)

RP14: Hydro-chemical properties of sensors under water sources (ESR14-UoG/2)


One of the major challenge in sensor deployment is the influence of hydrochemistry, pressure and temperature on the measurement. It is essential to understand the requirements/specifications for custom technology and the associated statistical challenges. We will develop solutions to the overcome the potential challenges that may arise during the use of ‘AQUASENSE’ sensors to vertically profile water chemistry (changes with depth), changes in hydrodynamic pressure, sensor surface boundary layer and sensor stability and response time. Three contrasting environments will be considered which offer different degrees of ‘hostility’ e.g., from zero to fully oxygenated, low to high conductivity, little detectable flow to turbulent flow. The three environments are: the largest surface area lake in the UK, of excellent water quality, with depths of up to 200m and minimal sub-surface flow; springs from acid mine discharge causing significant water pollution and turbulent flow and ‘hostile’ water chemistry; a fish-farm in a freshwater lake or inshore coastal region.

Lead Institution

University of Glasgow


Glasgow, United Kingdom