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RP1: pH, DO, conductivity and temperature sensors (ESR1, ITE)

RP1: pH, DO, conductivity and temperature sensors (ESR1, ITE)


Appropriate pH and sufficient DO are necessary in high quality water and aqua food environment. The values of pH, DO, temperature, and conductivity are the most important indicators, and these can be linked to each other. For example, the DO content of water is controlled by the salinity (in turn influence of conductivity), temperature and the rates of oxygen accumulation/consumption. Due to the high important of these parameters, it is necessary to fabricate the sensors on a single platform to cross-check the performance. The sensing performance and selectivity of the sensors are strongly related to the materials used to develop the sensors. This project will investigate new nanostructured materials and carried out theoretical and experimental studies.

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Instytut Technologii Elektronowej


Warsaw, Poland