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Fabiane Fantinelli Franco

Fabiane Fantinelli Franco

Fabiane Fantinelli Franco


Fabiane Fantinelli Franco graduated in Physical and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of São Paulo, Brazil and received her master’s degree in Nanoscience from Aarhus University, Denmark in 2018.
Fabiane is currently a Marie Curie early stage researcher at the Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies group at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She specialized in materials science and characterization techniques and is presently working on the AQUASENSE project developing real-time water quality monitoring sensors for ammonia, nitrogen and urea.



Masters degree in Nanoscience


RP4: Aqu. ammonia, aqu. urea and nitrate monitoring sensors (ESR4, UoG)
Ammonium, nitrate and urea are often observed in field water samples due to many chemical fertilizers. The measurement of these analytes provides information on metabolic processes of water bodies. The concentration of NO3− and NH4+is the major factor which control the level of inorganic nitrogen species. Fertilizers, high temperature combustion sources and sewage, lead to increased concentration of these analytes and therefore monitoring these parameters in water is important for better aquatic life. To monitor, these parameters over a low to high concentration range, highly sensitive nanostructured material based sensors will be developed in this project.

Project Supervisor
Host Institute

University of Glasgow, United Kingdom