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Llewellyn Fernandes

Llewellyn Fernandes

Llewellyn Fernandes


Llewellyn is a dedicated problem solver with experience in Hardware development, embedded devices and systems, digital and analog electronics.


Masters in Industrial Automation and Robotics with 40 months of experience in the Field of Marine Robotics and Internet of Things


RP11: Water Quality monitoring and Sensor deployment using UWRs (ESR11, EVO):
As new requirements for remote sensing emerge, there is need to develop multisensory systems to simultaneously measure multiple parameters as well as explore new deployment strategies, whereby sensors can detect the pollutant around many areas of water reservoirs. The pollutant concentrations vary in different areas of water body. Hence, a simultaneous measurement of quality of water in different depths is very important. ESR11 will develop intelligent algorithms for moving the sensors-laden UWRs to different areas of waterbody to map the hydrochemical properties. The real-time date from multisensory system used in these algorithms will guide the UWR towards a pocket of desired water quality. For continuous long-term monitoring of water in the area identified by UWRs, we will install sensorized buoys. ESR11 will analyse the senor data (developed in WP2) to develop the mobility strategy for UWR.

Host Institute

EvoLogics, Berlin, Germany.