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Maryna Lazouskaya

Maryna Lazouskaya

Maryna Lazouskaya


Maryna Lazouskaya was born in city Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus on 3d May 1992. She has graduated from Minsk Linguistic Gymnasium №7 and enrolled at Belarusian State University (BSU), Faculty of Chemistry in 2010. Her specialization was Physical Chemistry. Maryna has graduated from BSU with a Bachelor’s diploma (Research Chemist) in 2015.
In 2016 Maryna enrolled in Master’s Program at Graduate School of National Academy of Sciences and successfully finished studies with Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2017. Master Thesis title was “Preparation of hydrogel particles of chitosan conjugated with folic acid and application of them for antitumor drug carrying”. One chapter of the Master Thesis mentioned was presented at XXII Republican competition of scientific works of students and I was awarded with first category.
Since August 2014 till August 2018 Maryna has been working in the Laboratory of Micro- and Nanostructured Systems of Institute of Chemistry of New Materials of NAS of Belarus. The main topic of research was the creation of biomedical drug carriers, tissue engineering and superhydrophobic coatings. During that time Maryna has published 3 articles and 7 conference papers.
In autumn 2018 Maryna has been working as a entrepreneur/translator in “Horizont Group”. She speaks Russian (mother tongue), English (Toefl ibt 98), polish (Pole’s card), Korean (Topic 2 level) and German.
Maryna was involved in couple of charity activities, such as volunteering in Sunday school and with children in boarding schools, volunteering on Intensive Courses of Spoken English with Native Speakers.


Masters Degree in Chemistry


RP13: Influence of pH and pathogens on aqua-food quality (ESR 13- CFFT)
The conventional methods for aqua-food quality monitoring use sensors with glass-based electrodes. The hazardousas glass fragments may be leftover in the food during testing. To overcome such issues, this project will use metal oxide thick /thin film sensors fabricated and test them for cross-sensitivity. In addition, the project will establish linkage between water quality and the aqua-food quality.

Project Supervisor
Host Institute

Competence Centre for Food and Fermentation Technologies (CCFFT), Tallin, Estonia